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Banksy imitator at work in Watford, UK. Matey is the street artists suspected of creating this Facebook protest stencil on a wall in Watford Town Centre.

Banksy Matey Facebook Protest

Street art in the style of graffiti artist Banksy has reappeared in Watford town centre.

On Monday, walkers using an alleyway close to Jackson Jewellers in the high street came across the image of a man holding a sign that read “I need a Facebook”.

The stencil-style of the painting closely resembled that of Banksy, who has risen to fame through his often politically charged artworks appearing on the sides of buildings across the country.

However, the graffiti in Watford now appears to have been created by an artist named 'Matey', following the appearance of a second piece close to the original.

The new street art features a policeman holding a paint roller, with the words “It's the Queens orders”, beside a paint can and the tag Matey.


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